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We Felt It, Mr Loh

06 Dec 2017

We Felt It, Mr Loh

Commonwealth Secondary Schools’ students surrounding their outgoing Principal, Mr Aaron Loh, at his farewell on 19 October 2017.

Commonwealth Secondary School’s Principal wrote a letter to tell his students about his hopes for them. Here is their reply.

Last year, Mr Aaron Loh wrote his students this letter. In it, the Principal of Commonwealth Secondary School said he felt the same kind of concern for his students’ well-being as a parent would. He also expressed his hopes for them to be idealistic, resilient, and find their calling in life.

Mr Loh is leaving the school at the end of the year to take up a position at the Ministry of Education. His students did not forget his words, and Sean Pang, President of the school’s Student Council, penned a reply on their behalf. This is what it said:

“Dear Mr Loh,

You once wrote a letter to us that said: Being a principal is like being a parent.

I believe all of us here would agree: You’ve indeed been like another parent to us.

You said you think constantly about the everyday things for us. We all felt it – you think about the smallest detail, like how warm we will be in our uniform, so we were almost on dress down for the whole of this last year.

You said you worry about those of us who are sad, upset or unwell. We all felt it every time you greeted us warmly when you see us along the corridor or spent time to counsel us when we were down, each time we could approach you to talk to you like a friend we really respect.

You said for those of us who misbehave, you tried to balance firm correction with grace and understanding. We felt it – you always listened to our side of our story, understanding the situation, before meting out consequences.

You said, you hope that we will grow up to be young men and women of character, and to live a successful and fruitful life. We felt it when you constantly emphasised the importance of character over results. Others before self. Growth Mindset over Intelligence.

You have fulfilled the promises you made to us. Now, it is up to us to be the young men and women of character so we can make you proud.

Mr Loh, you have really touched many of our lives in ways you can never imagine.

We are sad to have to say goodbye, we will miss you a lot. Thank you.”