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The Ahmad Ibrahim (AI) Spirit - Keeping the Flame Alive

27 Nov 2012

Jasmine Ser, national shooter

Jasmine Ser, a proud alumnus of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School, participated in the Women's 10m Air Rifle event in the recent London Olympics 2012

Perseverance - the Key to Success

Jasmine Ser, the national shooter who represented Singapore in the London Olympics 2012, first discovered her passion in shooting when she joined Air Rifle Shooting as her co-curricular activity (CCA) in Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School (AISS) in 2003. The rest, as they say, is history.

Present at AISS' Golden anniversary celebration on Sunday, 25 November 2012, Jasmine paid tribute to the school for the support it had given her: "I am very grateful to my school as it has given me so many opportunities to excel in the sport, from the coach to the facilities. Ahmad Ibrahim or AI as we like to call it in short, also focuses a lot on holistic education and character development which has groomed me to be a better person".

President Tony Tan at Ahmad Ibrahim's 50th Anniversary.

President Tony Tan graced Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School's 50th Anniversary Dinner on 25 November 2012

The 22 year old student, who is currently pursuing her degree in the National University of Singapore, readily admits that it is not easy to juggle between studies and her rigorous training schedule. But she attributes her success to passion and ultimately, the determination to be a better shooter to bring glory to Singapore. "Perseverance matters in everything you do, not just in shooting, but in all areas of your life,' says Jasmine.

Keeping the AI Flame Alive

Named after the former Labour Minister and assemblyman (part of Singapore's legislative assembly in the 1960s) for Sembawang, Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School celebrated its Golden Anniversary last Sunday as alumni and teachers came together as one big family to celebrate the rich history of the school.
President Tony Tan, who was also a former Sembawang Assemblyman graced the celebration as guest of honour.

President Tony Tan admiring the patchwork

President Tony Tan admiring the patchwork done by students of Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School

Besides producing top-notch shooters who have represented Singapore in major competitions, AISS is also the pioneer centre for the Integration Programme for visually impaired students in mainstream education since 1967. This programme helps to place visually impaired students in mainstream secondary school through providing adequate support and facilities.

The school continues to reach out to and provide support to students to pursue their interests. To enable students to have a conducive environment to study and hang out after school, the school has recently set up a student centre managed by the students themselves.

"The student centre has certainly benefited the students. We form small study groups, have project discussions or even play board games at this place. It is very comfortable and the centre has certainly enhanced our learning experience in AISS", quips Dyner Wong, who is part of the student committee overseeing the student centre.

AISS Student Centre

Ahmad Ibrahim Secondary School's Student Centre - an interaction space for students

Keeping the flame alive - AISS hopes to inspire and empower future generations to be independent life-long learners and build a community of learners who will create a positive impact on society through the rich array of holistic educational experiences that the school provides.