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The 9 Uniformed Groups in Singapore

17 Jan 2017

Leaders of Character

The Uniformed Group Movement develops our students’ leadership potential in various ways. Leadership development courses impart to students the basics of leading others. They are regularly given opportunities to take on leadership roles, such as organising camps and events, and purposefully designing activities to help their juniors grow as individuals. The UG Movement also has a strong culture of mentorship, wherein senior members exercise care and concern for their juniors and nurture them to succeed the leadership of the unit. Through these practices, our students become youth leaders of outstanding moral fibre.

To Serve, and To Inspire

The Uniformed Group Movement emphasises service to the community. UG members are encouraged to look beyond oneself and to develop a spirit of compassion and care for others. They often take the initiative and use their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the wider community. They engage in advocacy work that moves others to action, and their exemplary conduct makes them role models for their peers and juniors. Thus they serve the community and inspire others to do the same.