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Taking Her Shot

06 May 2016

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After two years of cheering on her team from the sidelines, Secondary Three student Adalia Yeo is finally representing her school in the netball championships.

“I joined netball in Primary Six. Most of my teammates have been playing since they were in Primary Four. I used to be in tennis but I didn’t like it… so I quit. I wanted to do something which I could really put my effort into.

This year, I finally get to represent the school at a national competition – the South Zone Interschool Netball Championships. I never thought I could achieve this because everyone else was better and stronger.

I’m proud of myself; all the times I’ve pushed myself to work harder have paid off.  I want to continue giving my best, contribute to the team and be a worthy member.

Netball has taught me a lot about teamwork. You can’t win a game alone, no matter how good a player you are. You need a team that backs you up. There’s enough chemistry among us and I can read my players well.

I love my team because they’re always there for me and they make me feel wanted and accepted. Even if we played a bad game, we would still encourage one another. We spend a lot of time together and they feel like family to me.” 

My most ardent cheerleaders are….
My parents. Even though they know that I may not represent the school every year, they just want me to do my best and have fun.

Things can get tough…
But you just have to train like crazy (but properly) and do your best. The runs are among the most tiring parts of training because they're at 2.30pm when the sun’s really hot. You just have to keep running and push yourself.

Winning isn’t everything as long as…
We know that we did our best and played a good game. If you know that today is the best match you’ve ever played, you can tell yourself that you can keep improving and do better in the next game.