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Skills for life: NorthLight School

20 Mar 2018

A taste of the working world made Vasan realise that he needed to be adaptable and ready for challenges.

Vasan was attached to Medusa LVS for his Industry Experiential Programme (IEP), dealing with light, sound and visuals. He had to learn on the job and persevere when each new challenge came his way.

“I’m confident. After going through internship and with the challenges I faced, I’m ready for the next obstacle,” says Vasan, who appreciated the opportunity given through Northlight School.

NorthLight School provides vocational training to students who do not pass the PSLE, so they can kickstart their career or even further their education.

To find out more about NorthLight School, visit their school website ( or check out this article. Alternatively, find out more about Assumption Pathway School, which also provides vocational training.