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Poised to Strike

26 Apr 2016

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What started off as a fun family activity developed into a serious pursuit for 13-year-old Sarah bte Nahar Azmi, who’s now focused on representing Singapore in bowling internationally. 

“I’ve a lot of fond memories of bowling with my family at the old bowling centre on East Coast Park. I took up bowling as a CCA at Primary Two and soon realised that it was more than just an after-school activity.

When I watched my seniors play and cheer for each other, I was really inspired. I saw the Haig Girls’ spirit and I wanted to be a part of it all.

My dream is to get into the national squad and represent Singapore at the SEA Games. Last year, I had the chance to watch our national players. What inspired me was not their throws but how focused they were throughout the game.

I see this same focus in my seniors. They don’t talk during training; they don’t get distracted. When I see how this improves their game, it makes me want to work hard too.

At the Sports School, I train four days a week, two hours each time. At the orientation camp, we had to complete a 5km-run. It was really painful for me but I didn’t give up. I always tell myself ‘if you feel like giving up, remember why you started’. It’s what one of my seniors say after every competition.”

I get an adrenaline rush…
Each time I bowl. When you’re the first on the lane and everyone is silent. When you throw your ball and you see it curving into the gutter and all of a sudden it turns. Your heart lifts and you hear the sound of the pins falling and you’re counting “one, two, three, four… eight”.

I ate a McDonald’s filet-o-fish meal…
Before every competition for a year and a half because I believed it was my “lucky” ritual. When I was in Primary Five, I won a game after enjoying the meal… but no, it didn’t work. I realised I didn’t even like filet-o-fish and there was no ritual that would work like magic.

My dad is my greatest supporter…
He drives me to my competitions and will even take some time off from work to watch me play. Sometimes, he even gets my friend’s parent to videotape my game.


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