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Nurturing Talents in New Media Arts

22 Mar 2013

"I was nine years old when I first emceed for my primary school concert. Standing alone in front of an audience was initially intimidating, but to my surprise, I actually enjoyed hosting. When I entered Innova Junior College, I joined the New Media Arts because I felt that the CCA was created especially for me,' said Jasmin Kaur d/o Jagit Singh, a passionate New Media Arts member who aspires to be a newscaster and producer.

New Media Arts CCA in IJC

New Media Arts is identified as a niche CCA in Innova Junior College. Students in the New Media Arts Club are exposed a variety of media-related areas, such as film production and broadcasting. Photo Courtesy of Innova Junior College

Identified as Innova JC's niche CCA, the New Media Arts allows students to specialise in four areas; photography, broadcast, film production and innovative technologies (design and animation). Students are required to work on projects related to their specialisations, which provides them with useful new media competencies. This gives them an edge when applying for media-related courses in university. 

Developing Social Responsibility in Online Engagement

'The projects that students work on are usually geared towards civic and national issues. Students are encouraged to raise awareness of social issues through creative interpretations in their productions,' noted Ms Wong Min Yin, one of the teachers-in-charge of New Media Arts.

The cyber-wellness civics project is one such collaboration between Innova JC and Media Development Authority. Students had to develop materials to educate their peers on cyber-related crimes.


Innova JC students working together on projects, such as the cyber-wellness civics project. Photo Courtesy of Innova JC

'Our team researched quite a fair bit on cyber-related topics such as the importance of being accountable and responsible for one's online behaviour. We even had the chance to conduct an entire Civics Lesson to a class on cyber-wellness,' said Jasmin, who is also a student leader of the Innova Broadcast Society.

Sharing Resources and Innovations in New Media Technologies

The New Media Arts is one of the largest CCAs in the school, boasting an average of 120 - 150 members. On top of that, Innova JC is also endorsed as the Centre of Excellence for New Media since 2007.

As the Centre of Excellence for New Media, Innova JC spearheads a range of activities and online platforms to engage teachers and students from other schools. One such initiative is the New Media in Education Fiesta (NMiEF), which aims to equip teachers and students from other schools with basic new media skills, and involve them in project-based learning, as well as sharing sessions on innovative new media related pedagogical practices. This year, NMiEF was held from 18 - 19 March.

New Media in Education Fiesta 2013

Wellington Primary School won first prize in the Primary School category of the 'Voice Up!' video challenge organised by the New Media Academy at the annual New Media in Education Fiesta held from 18 - 19 March 2013.

To connect with and engage Singapore youth virtually, a social web utility, YouthchaNge 3.0 , was also developed by Innova JC to provide students with a platform to voice their concerns about social and national issues. The youth-to-youth forum is moderated by National Education student-leaders of Innova JC.

The New Media Arts CCA has provided students with an enriching and holistic experience. 'Collaborating with my peers for joint projects and competitions has brought us closer. Being involved in various productions, it helps me understand the process in greater detail and this will definitely help me if I decide to pursue my interest in media and communications,' noted Stacey Chin, a JC2 student in Innova JC.