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Northland Secondary School Co-Curricular Activities (CCA) Selection

26 Jan 2017

There are many Co-Curricular Activities for our students to choose and join. Students from Northland Sec shares more about the CCA of their choice. Check them out! 


Students meet like-minded individuals with the same passion for music when they join the school’s military band.

“I also get to improve my sight-reading skills and become a better saxophonist!” – Happy Joy Ong

Hockey is an integral part of Northland Secondary School’s sporting tradition.

“The National Cadet Corps (Air) helps me get in shape and prepare myself both mentally and physically for National Service” – Sufi Wazini

NCC Land
After joining the National Cadet Corps (Land), Naufal Khan discovered his thirst for adventure!

“It gave me a chance to lead a team and improve my communication skills. I also enjoyed the outdoor camps and courses that were offered.”

Netball requires players to run, sprint and change directions quickly, keeping them fit and agile.

“Since joining the National Police Cadet Corps, I’ve found the Cadet Inspectors to be approachable. They never fail to help us. I’m inspired to be an inspector like them.” – Muhammad Thirafi 

Xiu Fang and Darren shared that Wushu keeps them fit and in tuned with the Chinese culture.

Art Club
“I enjoy being part of the Art Club because I’m picking up new skills and improving my painting skills.” – Ira Miralda 

With the recent merger North View Secondary School and Northland Secondary School, badminton became an option for students like Charlene. She is excited to reignite her passion for the sport.