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Malay Website Scores with One Million Hits

11 Sep 2007

Nadi ML website

Nadi, the MOE Malay language website.

“Did you recognise my voice?” “Don’t you think I was the perfect hero?” Students who visit the MOE Malay language website Nadi may hear a familiar voice or two relating stories from long ago, or spot their friends and schoolmates in the video clips. That’s because so many schools and pupils have chipped in to submit their stories, clips and other creative works to the revamped website.

For example, Nadi (which means “pulse”) receives regular contributions from teachers who send in pupils’ compositions and school news. These contributions not only boost the website’s content, they also provide a useful channel for pupils to get access to good ideas and assignments. What’s more, pupils can learn about the latest happenings about their peers in other schools.

The new look and new content marks Nadi’s sixth birthday this year. Pupils can enjoy Flash games, participate in online quizzes and colouring activities, work on interactive language exercises, enhance their understanding of a particular video by answering interactive questions related to it and consult the Master Teacher on any aspect of the Malay language. The best time to check out the site is on the 12th of every month, when new content is uploaded.

This impressive variety of enriching and fun-filled multimedia content is spread across the five main locations on its website:

  • Nadi Jauhari (general knowledge);
  • Nadi Berita (current and school news);
  • Nadi Budaya (culture);
  • Nadi Bahasa (Malay language); and
  • Nadi Ria (fun).
Since June, Nadi has added two more interactive sub-locations - Mari Menyanyi (song) and Kosa Kata (vocabulary) - to the already resource-packed site. Students who are bookworms will also love the latest collaboration with the National Library Board, which features a range of storybooks and activities that make the Malay language come to life.

Judging from the number of site hits and visits, Nadi is proof positive that the Malay language can be learnt through a host of fun and engaging activities. From January to April 2007, Nadi scored an average monthly hit rate of 550,000; after the mid-year examinations in May, the figure shot to an all-time high of one million.

For certain, pupils from primary and lower secondary, parents and teachers know that at Nadi, there’s always plenty to look forward to every month.

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