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Chilling in School

02 Sep 2019

Chilling in school. How? Let our students show you.

Recess is our favourite period of the day! This is the time when we get to eat, play and read with our friends. These moments are especially precious to us as they help us to build strong bonds and relationship with our friends.

1. Time for an energy boost and catch up with my friends.


2. Enjoy a musical performance or be part of one and groove to the beat.


3. Challenge my friends to games (Yes! Winning is sweet)


4. Read a book at the school library - Getting lost in a good book


These pictures are taken by students of Lakeside Primary School. Want more of these photo stories? Visit the ‘Our Schools, Our Stories” photo exhibition at these dates and venues.

  • 30 Aug – 30 Sep
    Ministry of Education (Buona Vista)
  • 1 Oct – 25 Oct
    Block 841, Yishun Street 81(Next to Khatib MRT)
  • 1 Nov – 30 Nov
    Blk 151, Tampines St 12 (Opposite Century Square)

Visit the Our Schools, Our Stories site for more information.