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Boys’ Brigade - More Than Just A CCA

25 Jan 2018

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    “For those who seek fun and adventure and want to learn more about moral values, Boy’s Brigade will suit you well. Our camps are full of fun activities and team bonding sessions. There’s many activities to explore such as rock climbing, kayaking, night cycling, lazer tag and barbeques!” – Lwin Moe Htet of the 25th Singapore Boys’ Brigade.

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    Share-A-Gift is an annual community service project that promotes the spirit of caring and sharing amongst the local community where Boys’ Brigade members and volunteers collect grocery items and gifts for distribution to the needy.

“For me, Boys’ Brigade is not just a CCA but it’s a family unit where we bond to learn together and support each other.  There’s been many wonderful experiences for me in Boys’ Brigade” shared Lwin Moe Htet, a Secondary 3 student of Hillgrove Secondary School about his Co-Curricular Activity (CCA), the 25th Singapore Boys’ Brigade.

Moe Htet joined the Boys’ Brigade (BB) when he was in Secondary One through the influence of his older brother who held the appointment of Company Sergeant Major, the highest appointment a BB Boy could attain in Secondary School. 

“I enjoyed hearing my brother’s experiences in BB and wanted to be part of it too. My parents were supportive of his involvement and my decision to join BB. My parents felt that BB has cultivated a lot of good values in us. For example, they saw that we were more disciplined in and outside school and that we have better control of our emotions” said Moe Htet.


The moral values that BB has cultivated in him does not only developed his character but has taught him the value of empathy, dignity and nobility, “Sometimes we are all so caught up in trying to fit in and please one another, we often get caught in judging and blaming others. BB has taught me to understand that everyone is different and we have our own strengths and weaknesses. So being patient, tolerant and giving others chances are important “said the 15-year-old. “Patience is a virtue and it is something which must be learned and practiced so I hope to be more patient to my juniors and guide them in activities to my best ability.”

Reflecting on his experience, he said, “Well, BB isn’t just about learning moral values, but we do loads of adventure activities and have fun together. Our camps are full of fun activities such as rock climbing, kayaking, night cycling, lazer tag and for the food lovers, barbeques!” 


Lending a Helping Hand

One of the projects that he was involved in every year was the Share-a-Gift project, a national community service that aims to promote the spirit of caring and sharing among Singaporeans. By encouraging donors to go beyond financial giving, the project challenges donors to make the extra effort to shop, choose and purchase gifts for the less fortunate in society.

“I look forward to this project every year. I do not only get to do a good service, but I get to meet students from other schools. We network and exchange tips and ideas on our upcoming BB activities” he said.

“Share-a-Gift has taught me about giving. Even though some of the donated items were pricey, people were willing to donate it to the needy,” said Moe Htet who was impressed by the public’s support. “Many Singaporeans, from all walks of life came together help the needy. It wasn’t only a beautiful gesture, but sight too.”

As part of the Share-a-Gift project, The Car Flag Off event is organised to encourage volunteers and BB Boys to be more personally involved. The yearly event attracts around 200 cars and the participation of more than 400 volunteers and BB Boys.



They deliver food hampers to the homes of beneficiaries, which creates an opportunity to meet and interact with them. 

The Car Flag Off offers a unique Values in Action experience for volunteers and BB Boys to know more about the needy in Singapore.

“We carry about 10kg worth of donated items by hand across blocks of flats. Sometimes when the lifts don’t work, we have to take the stairs which can be quite physically challenging. But it all pays off when we see the smiles on the faces of the beneficiaries at the end of the day,” shared Moe Htet. “It is important for us, Singaporeans to come together and help the needy it will help us to grow stronger and be more tolerant to each other. More importantly, making a difference in one’s life does not only transform them but also those around them!”