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A Father’s Love

17 Jul 2017

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    Mr Johari Bin Wahiad(left), wife (right) and daughter, Nikki Barista Karya (middle) at the Opening Ceremony of the 9th ASEAN Schools Games.

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    Mr Johari Bin Wahiad having a whale of a time at the parents' and coaches march past during the Opening Ceremony of the 9th ASEAN Schools Games.

Parenthood is never easy but Mr Johari Bin Wahiad strives to do it right. He does whatever he can to support his daughter’s dreams as he believes that a father’s role in their child’s learning journey as important as that of a mother.

"Our children observe our involvement, it will motivate them and build their spirit," said the Physical education teacher from Unity Primary School.

His daughter, 16-year-old Nikki Barista Karya Johari, a year 4 IP student from Cedar Girls’ School is making her debut in the Combined School Volleyball team at the 9th ASEAN Schools Games (ASG) held in Singapore.

According to Johari, while parental support is important, there should also be a balance when it comes to school work and training. An over emphasis on a certain areas will only mean that another area will be affected.

“Nikki’s schedule can get quite hectic as her volleyball training is 3 times a week. So on my part, I will send and fetch her from her training ground. Also, I will make sure that her other commitments doesn’t clash with her training. We would discuss and I will help re-arrange her schedule” said Johari.

In Johari’s view, Nikki’s Volleyball experience has molded her into a better individual as a whole. She’s became very focused, disciplined and determined. When she set goals, she will go all out to achieve it. He is also thankful that she became better at time-management.

“Sometimes when I offer her to watch TV with me, she will look at the time and tell me that it is almost her bedtime and she should stick to routine. That is self - discipline,” he explains.

As a tribute to parents of the student-athletes, the ASG opening ceremony featured a parents' and coaches march past.  Johari is excited and proud to be part of the march past.  Being with Nikki throughout her entire Volleyball journey, he knew that it will mean the world for his daughter to see him there.

“Actually, I wanted to surprise her but somehow she found out that I was part of the marching contingent. I burst out laughing when she said, Daddy, I am so happy that you are part of the parents’ marching contingent!” shares Johari.