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A Family's Secondary School Choice

28 Jan 2015

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    Alicia is enjoying her time in Swiss Cottage Secondary School and has adjusted well to the new environment with the help of her teachers, interesting lessons and friends. Photo Credit: Swiss Cottage Secondary School

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    Alicia Wu (third from right) and her siblings received the Edusave Awards from Ms Low Yen Ling, Parliamentary Secretary, Ministry of Social and Family Development & Ministry of Culture, Community and Youth, this year. Photo Credit: Swiss Cottage Secondary School

The Wu family believes that in choosing the ‘right’ secondary school for their children, the school should possess two distinct qualities – the ability to impart good moral values and proximity to home.  After receiving her PSLE results last year, Swiss Cottage Secondary School was her first choice, even though she had several other options.

In helping Alicia with her school choice, her father wanted to keep travelling time minimal. It only takes Alicia 15 minutes to walk from their home in Bukit Batok to school. 

‘Rest is very important to a child. I want to protect her sleeping hours and allow her to have ample time to relax especially when there are many activities to juggle with in school – homework, CCAs etc,’ said Mr Wu. 

Mr Wu also believes that a good school is one that will impart good moral values to their students.  With Alicia’s eldest brother also studying in Swiss Cottage Secondary, the family is familiar with the school’s teaching philosophy and appreciates that values education is integrated into the lessons and school’s programmes. 

‘Quality education is not just about pushing students to achieve good grades. I believe the true value of education lies in motivating my children to enjoy learning and building a strong moral foundation,’ said Mr Wu. 

Alicia has been in school for almost a month, and she is adjusting well to her new environment with the help of her teachers, interesting lessons and new found friends.  

‘I like it that learning goes beyond the textbooks in this school.  For example, our teacher introduces us to elements of drama during Literature lessons which I find especially interesting,’ said Alicia.