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5 Types of Poly Courses for Post-Millennials

18 Nov 2016

5 types of poly courses for post-millennials

Polytechnics offer many exciting courses from marine conservation to big data management. Photo credit: Republic Polytechnic

From hybrid engineering courses to the study of marine life, there are plenty of offerings at our polytechnics to meet the different interests of our Gen Z.

#1 The New Multi-Disciplinary Engineering Courses

Engineering courses are making a comeback. No longer just involving Maths and Science, they have undergone a facelift. Now, they come paired with training in business management, IT know-how and knowledge in the social sciences.

These multi-disciplinary courses provide you with breadth of experience to think out of the box and solve increasingly complex problems in the world. There is also a slew of internship opportunities with top tech companies such as IBM and various banks.

Job prospects: Application development engineer, product development engineering assistant, specialist engineer

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#2 The Next Big Thing: Data and Analytics Programmes

‘Data’ and ‘analytics’ are buzzwords in recent years. Just look at how that helped Germany win the World Cup in 2014. Through the study of data collected from the pitch such as a footballer’s speed, kicks and style, the team won with a score of 7–1 against Brazil.

If you enjoy spotting trends and patterns, telling a story or solving problems with numbers, consider taking up a course in big data management or business analytics.

Job prospects: Data specialist, data engineer, business intelligence analyst

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#3 Information Technology Courses With an Edge

In our internet-driven society, malicious online attacks are made every day with the intention to steal data and disrupt online interactions.

More than ever, we need tech-savvy crime-fighters at the keyboards. From learning basic programming to developing secure software applications to investigating cyber crimes, you get to develop a set of enviable tech skills. Career opportunities include working in agencies such as the Ministry of Home Affairs, the Singapore Police Force and Interpol.

Job prospects: Digital forensics investigator, penetration tester, malware analyst 

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#4 Business Study Meets Elderly Needs

By 2030, the number of elderly in our midst could double to 900,000. As our population ages, tourism and healthcare industries are turning their attention to the needs of our seniors.

Have an interest in business and issues on ageing?  You can now take up business modules together with gerontology, sociology and psychology and become an expert in the Business of Ageing.

Job prospects: Graduates work in a range of occupations in various industries from tourism to finance

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#5 Pursuits to Protect the Environment

If the idea of an adventure on the high seas gets you going, consider a course in marine science. Pick up essential skills to protect and manage our marine ecosystems and evaluate the impact of human activity on the underwater world.

With the upcoming plan to develop the Sisters’ Islands into a mega marine park, the demand for conservationists can only be on the rise.

Job prospects: Aquarist, aquaculture laboratory assistant, marine facility manager

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