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5 Things to Know about the AskPoly Chatbot

20 Jun 2019

Chatbots are all the buzz these days. They’re everywhere! The newest kid on the block is by the five polytechnics: AskPoly Chatbot. It can help with questions your teenager might have pertaining to post-secondary education. Simply log onto to speak to AskPoly.

It’s not only high-tech, it’s helpful. Here’s why:

It’s on standby 24/7

Gone are the days of waiting on the telephone line for someone to answer our questions, especially during office hours! With chatbots now in play, anyone with an internet connection can plant a question anytime, any day and get an immediate response. AskPoly is on standby should you or your child have questions on polytechnic courses and admissions.

5 polys, 1 chatbot

Curious about the polytechnics? With AskPoly, you can type all your queries on one chat box and receive relevant information across all five institutions. Your child can also compare similar courses from different polys.

Access AskPoly from different sites

The chatbot can also be found on all the five polytechnics’ websites. The only difference is that it goes by different names on these other websites:



Nanyang Poly


Ngee Ann Poly


Republic Poly


Singapore Poly

Chat with Us

Temasek Poly



Only two tabs to toggle between


When you’re talking to any one of the poly’s Chatbots, you get to use an awesome feature of toggling between two tabs. If you ask about courses and admissions, you will be directed to the joint-poly “Full-time Course & Admissions Advisory” tab. If your question is specific to a poly, you’ll be directed to their “General Enquiries” tab. These two tabs sit side-by-side to ensure easy access to all the information you need.

Understanding if a poly is a good fit for your child

Did your child mention a specific poly in mind? Are you personally looking to get some insights on that poly? AskPoly’s “General Enquiries” tab will showcase unique information about the poly they’ve set their eyes on. Learn more about each poly and their exclusive highlights.