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4 things to know about MOE’s Work Plan Seminar 2015

29 Sep 2015

  • parent child activity book_wps 2015

    To support a smooth transition from pre-school to Primary One, an activity book has been designed for parents to familiarise the child with common routines.

  • Meet the parent role playing cards

    A set of scenario-based role-playing cards will be given to teachers in November 2015 to help them understand the diversity of students’ needs and parents’ concerns.

  • Every child matters to us_WPS 2015

    As educators, parents, all of us share the same goal – to lead, care and inspire our children by bringing out the best in them!

Strong partnerships between parents, schools and the community play an important role in a student’s education journey. It will also encourage and inspire students to give their best at school and in life.

Education Minister Heng Swee Keat spoke on “Bringing out the Best in our Children, Together” at the Ministry of Education’s Work Plan Seminar 2015. Here are four key takeaways parents might want to know: 

1. Parent-child activity book for children entering Primary One

MOE has developed an activity book as a resource for parents to support the transition from pre-school to Primary One. The activity consists of 10 tips and 50 suggested activities to help parents with the transition and  familiarise the child with some common routines in primary schools. For instance, learning to buy his own food during recess. 

All parents of students entering Primary One in January 2016 will receive a copy of the activity book in November 2015. Subsequent cohorts of Primary One parents will also receive the activity book.  

2. Enhanced support in Education and Career Guidance for parents

Education and Career Guidance (ECG) is currently offered in Primary, Secondary and Institutes of Higher Learning (ITE, polytechnics and universities). Aside from a structured ECG curriculum, ECG counsellors will help guide our children in making informed choices based on their strengths and interests.

Look out for the enhanced ECG guide that will be made available for upper primary and lower secondary students’ parents in October 2015! It will be sent through schools and distributed to students and parents. Students and parents can log on to, an interactive web-based ECG portal to explore different education and career options. Both the ECG guide and access to the portal are free! 

3. New Community of Pathfinders in Action (COMPACT)

Engaging the community to work with schools and families can help to enrich learning experiences. Known as "Pathfinders", inspiring individuals who have went through varied pathways in their lives and pursued excellence in their own ways have been invited to contribute to the schools’ Applied Learning Programme (ALP), Learning for Life Programme (LLP), Character and Citizenship Education (CCE) and ECG programmes.

"Pathfinders" would contribute their expertise by giving talks, conducting workshops, helping to design programmes and connecting schools to their network in some areas such as Languages, Humanities, Business & Enterprise, Aesthetics, Sports & Youth Leadership and Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM). Look out for these "Pathfinders" who may be coming to your child’s school. 

4. Resources for the Professional Development of Teachers

To strengthen school-home partnerships, MOE has developed a range of resources to support the ongoing professional development of our teachers to better engage parents to support their child’s education journey.

This includes guidelines, tips and a set of scenario-based role-playing cards that cab help teachers better understand the diversity of students’ needs and parents’ concerns. Schools will receive these resources in November 2015.

As educators, parents, all of us share the same goal – to lead, care, inspire and bring out the best in our children!